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Jamaican Patois Phrases for Going Out

Jamaican Patois Phrases for Going Out

Jamaicans have many different ways of expressing that they are “going out”. Some are pretty much understandable as uttered but some might have you wondering “exactly what are they trying to say?”. The patois phrases used when sharing this information varies depending on who they are talking to. Often times peers seem to have an inner language that changes with generation and even older folks get confused by. Below is a small list of patois phrases Jamaicans use in reference to say they are “going out”!

  • Guh pon ah endz – Going out usually to somewhere nice
  • Duh road – Go on an outing
  • Mi ah touch di road shortly – I’m going on the road shortly
  • Mi ago mek a one flex lata- I’ll be going out later – In most cases it means to plan a chill time or have a hang out time but it also indicates that a person plans on going out.
  • “I ah mek a trod go out deh enuh” – I am going to go out there – The word “trod” is used mainly by persons within the rastafarian faith so this phrase is also used mainly by this community of people.
  • Wi outside – We are outside – This is a very recent saying to indicate that either the person is already out or intends to head out
  • Wah di schweppes fi lata? – “What’s the plans for later” with respect to going out.
  • “Movements likkle more mi g?” – Are we going out later, my friend?
  • “Di ting govern inna the streets lata enuh dawg” – All is well to go out into the streets later, friend – “Dawg” is a term used to relate peer to peer by the younger generation and in their sense has no disrespectful meaning attached.

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Photo Source: Photo by Rock Staar on Unsplash

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