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Jamaican Proverbs on Ambition

Do you know what the proverb “Di More monkey climb Di more im backside expose.” means? Learn its meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on “Ambition.”

Di More monkey climb Di more im backside expose.
TRANSLATION: The higher the monkey climbs. The more he is exposed.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: People that desire fame or power should be prepared to have every aspect of their lives examined.

Di Wise monkey know wha tree fi clime.
TRANSLATION: A wise monkey knows which tree to climb.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: 1. Set achievable goals and create a plan to obtain them. 2. Choose personal and professional battles that you can win.

Yuh fraid fi yeye, yuh nebba nyam head
TRANSLATION: If you are afraid of the eye, you will never eat the head.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Life is full of challenges and unpleasant tasks. People that avoid them will never learn from them or attain their goals.

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