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Jamaican Proverbs on Cooperation

Do you know what the proverb “Wan finga cyaan ketch lice.” means? Learn it’s meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on “Cooperation”.

Wan finga cyaan ketch lice.
TRANSLATION:One finger cannot catch lice.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: To work together to achieve a common goal.
Cooperation is required to accomplish a goal.”It takes a village.”

Wan han wash di oddah.
TRANSLATION:One hand washes the other.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: To work reciprocally. Vou help me and I help you.
Give and take between people brings good results.

Bowl guh, packy come
TRANSLATION: Bowl goes, calabash comes.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It was very common occurence in traditional Jamaican life to see covered dishes carrying some delicious meal being borne by a child, and bound for some neighbour’s home. It was also customary, although certainly not mandatory, for the bearer to return with something for the sender, perhaps in a packy (calabash scraped and used as a bowl). Also, one good turn deserves another.
If you help someone else, you will receive benefits in return.
“What goes around, comes around.”    

A no ebryting cum fram abuv a blessin
TRANSLATION: Not everything that comes from above is a blessing.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Enjoy those blessings which come from above, but do not be misled by deceivers who use their superior positions to dispossess the unfortunate.
Things that appear to be beneficial may not come from a good source.
“Beware the Trojan Horse.”

Wen po-ah git up, im tun chobble tuh di werl
TRANSLATION: When the poor man gets up, he becomes trouble to the world.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: See meaning for proverb above. Also, the elevation of someone who used to be disdained or sneered at by others, could be cause for much disturbance in the minds of those who did not wish him well.
When someone who has been held down decides to rise, it can mean trouble for those who were responsible for his previous condition.

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