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Jamaican Proverbs to Console & Comfort

Do you know what the proverb “Dankey seh dis yah werl nuh level, hill an gully yahso, hill an gully deh so.” means? Learn it’s meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs to  “Console & Comfort “.

Dankey seh dis yah werl nuh level, hill an gully yahso, hill an gully deh so.
TRANSLATION:A donkey says this world is not level, hill and gully here, hill and gully there.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Life is full of ups and downs.

Ebry dawg ave im day, ebry puss im four a clack.
TRANSLATION:Every dog has his day, every puss his four o’clock.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: 1. Some days you win and some days you lose 2. Good fortune comes at different times for everyone. 2. Do not behave as if we are better than others

Nuh mine how teacha crass im mus gi recess.
TRANSLATION: Regardless of how upset the teacher is, he must give a recess.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: 1.There is always a silver lining in every bad or dark day 2. There is always a break in bad condition.

Nuhbady neva kick ded dawg.
TRANSLATION:No one kicks a dead dog
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: 1.When you aspire there is always criticism. 2. Aspiring people are always the first to be criticized.

Tek kin teet kibba heart bun.
TRANSLATION: Take laughter to cover heart burn.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Laughter always helps to overcome difficulties.

Wha yeye nuh si heart nuh leap.
TRANSLATION:What your eyes do not see will not give you a heart attack.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Things you are not unaware will not affect you.

Wha drap affah hed drap pan shoulda.
TRANSLATION: What drops off someone’s head falls on his shoulder.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Reaping the benefits from someone else’s effort.

Yuh cyaan tap crow fedah fram drap pan yuh but yuh can hinda im froa mek nes pan yuh head.
TRANSLATION:You cannot stop crow feathers from falling on you, but you can prevent him from making a nest on your head.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: – 1. Only you can control your destiny. 2. Take control of the situation

No mug no bruk, no cahfee nuh dash whey
TRANSLATION: The mug is not broken, therefore the coffee is not wasted.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Even in the most difficult of times, if total devastation has not occurred, one should count his/her blessings. 2.Do not blow simple matters out of proportion. Not all situations that seem like disasters actually have bad effects. “Look on the bright side.”
“Look for the silver lining.”

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