Jamaican Restaurant in UK Named One of Top Places to Eat

Jamaican Restaurant in UK Named One of Top Places to Eat

A takeaway restaurant in Croydon, London, has been named one of the best places to eat by The Observer, which listed it as one of the “30 things we love in the world of food right now” in February.

The Original Tasty Jerk LTD is located near Selhurst Park stadium, the home of the Crystal Palace Football Club. According to a review by The Observer’s Melissa Thomson, there is a nearly constant line of customers waiting to enjoy the restaurant’s takeaway items. Thomson singled out the pork dish, describing “tender belly slices” fresh from the grill displaying “smoky char on the outside.” She recommends that diners order a little extra because they will not be able to stop taking bites of the dish on their way home.

The Infatuation issued a review noting that the restaurant, an integral part of the neighborhood, has been known to send white smoke from its chimney to announce the appointment of a new manager of the Crystal Palace FC. A Google review anointed Original Tasty Jerk LTD as having “the best jerk chicken in the UK.”

Some of the most popular dishes at Original Tasty Jerk include curry goat, oxtail, jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, Caribbean mac’n’cheese, brown stew chicken, and escoviche fish. The mac-and-cheese dish offers a spicy version of the classic comfort food with the addition of flavors from allspice, ginger, and cinnamon. The escoviche fish, which is named for the Spanish word for “to pickle,” features bream, pepper, onion, thyme, and hot peppers. Side dishes are available to complete a meal and include rice-and-peas, ackee and callaloo. The restaurant’s jerk chicken can be ordered as a sandwich on either coco bread or hard dough bread and is served with a salad.

Customers also favor the curry goat meal, which features stewed meat spiced with curry powder, thyme, onion, sweet pepper, and ginger. The curry goat comes with rice and a salad on the side. The chicken current is spicy but not overwhelming with heat and includes flavorings from curry powder, ginger, thyme, and onion, and features jumbo shrimp, carrots, and sweet pepper. The unique brown stew chicken provides the ultimate in tempting aromas with its spicy medley of cumin, garlic, and other spices.

One customer’s online review stated, “Wish I lived closer so I could go there more often. Worth traveling across cities for.”


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