Jamaican Runner Blames Helicopter for False Start in 100-Meter Race in Rio

Jamaican Andrew Fisher will represent Bahrain

Jamaican Andrew Fisher, who is competing for Bahrain in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, believes that his false start in the second 100-meter semi-finals was caused by a helicopter that was trying to get closer to the sprint star. Fisher had a false start in Lane 3, two lanes across from ultimate 100-meter winner Usain Bolt, also of Jamaica. Fisher says he was distracted by the noisy helicopter that was whirling overhead as he got into position for the start of the race and caused him to jump prematurely. Fisher had been considered a potential finalist in the 100-meters. Saying that he noticed the helicopter on “Set” and heard it get louder and louder, Fisher described the noise as distracting. He assumes that the helicopter was trying to get a good look at Bolt, but believes that nothing should be flying over the race lanes at the start. “I was upset,” he said.

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