Jamaican Themed Wedding

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, it isn’t difficult to understand why anyone would want their wedding to have a Jamaican theme. Pristine beaches, an exotic culture, locals and food bursting with flavour and vibrancy, what more could you ask for? Whether you are flying in your guests to the beautiful island or simply want to give your wedding a Jamaican vibe right in your hometown, this article aims to equip with you the exact tips and ideas you will need to make your wedding a memorable success for the bride, groom and guests alike.

First things first, let’s talk about food. Make the Jamaican experience as authentic as possible and search for a catering service that is well versed with authentic Jamaican cuisine. A Jamaican menu isn’t complete without the presence of jerk chicken, pork and fish. For that extra touch, it would be nice to have an authentic jerk bin (found on most street corners in Jamaica) on site. A smoothie station is also an excellent and enjoyable idea for your guests. What better way to showcase Jamaica’s mouth watering variety of fruits?

Let your guests start feeling that enticing Jamaican vibe from the moment they receive their invitations. Get in touch with a wedding invitation designer that will go the extra mile in making sure that your invitations are custom made exactly to your specifications. You also want to end the wedding on a Jamaican vibe by giving out favours that will provide your guests with a lifetime reminder of what your wedding theme was. Some good ideas for Jamaican themed party favours include shell trays wrapped up in colourful fabrics (red, green, yellow and black of course) or something practical like condiment trays or trinket holders.

Dub poetry goes all the way back to the 1970s and is spoken over reggae rhythms. For the entertainment segment of the reception, it would be a great idea to incorporate some authentic Jamaican culture by hiring dub poets that can read spoken word to charm your guests and keep them entertained. You can also hire Jamaican dancers to give your wedding reception a genuine Jamaican atmosphere. Allow your guests to loosen up a bit and enjoy the party with a Jamaican comedian or two. Warning: these guys are very funny and may just leave your guests in stitches.
When it comes to decorations, using the colours red, green, yellow and black generously would surely set the tone for your Jamaican themed wedding. You can use shades such as beige and tan to temper the brightness. You can also ask guests to come in those colours whether you are requiring a smart casual, semi formal or strictly formal attire. Women can don gowns of the aforementioned colours while the men can use neckties of the same.

Stock up on the shells for decorations. Never underestimate the power of these little marine animals to bring out the beach vibe and provide an accent to your Jamaican theme? They can be used as place card holders! Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment and to have fun. After all, it’s your wedding and you should have control over every single detail.

Lastly, go all out with your centrepiece. Understand that this is where your guests’ eyes will venture majority of the time (aside from when they’ll be looking at you) and so it should stand out and draw attention to itself. A wonderful idea would be to use encase flowers such as birds of paradise, plumerias or hibiscus in bamboo or low glass bowls. This would be a delightful sight even in your very own backyard. Tropical fruits can be used not only for consumption at the smoothie station, but also for aesthetic purposes. Instead of or together with flowers, colourful tropical fruits can be placed in bowls and used as centrepieces as well.

All in all, try not to stress out too much and remember that it’s your wedding and you want it to be as memorable and wonderful to look back on as possible. Be true to your Caribbean theme and relax. After all, you’re at the beach, even if you’re not!

About the Author:
Olivia Nicholas is a writer and blogger with Storkie. She has been writing articles and blogging for the wedding industry over 10 years and is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work.