Interview with the Jamaican ‘Cabbie’ Team Winners of the 2010 Caribbean Animation film festival

The short Jamaican animated film “The Cabbie Chronicles” recently won the2010 D.E.W Best Caribbean Animation Award in Port of Spain Trinidad. The animated short was produced by the Jamaican Team of Alison Tabois Latchman (writer), Marlo Scott (illustrator) and Anieph Latchman (animator), Cabbie Chronicles came out on top at the ninth instalment of the Animae Caribe New Media and Animation Festival. This week we interview “The Cabbie Chronicles” team. See the “The Cabbie Chronicles“. 

The ‘Cabbie’ Team:


Alison Tabois Latchman (writer) ATL
Anieph Latchman (animator) AL
Marlo Scott (illustrator) MS



How did you get started doing animation, did you go to school or are you self-taught?

AL:  Self taught


Some say creating animation is harder than live filming because of the many frames and the hours needed for rendering. Do you agree?

AL:  Yes

MS:  Hell Yeah!


Congrats on your recent win at the 2010 Caribbean Animation film festival with the Cabbie Chronicles. How did you come up with the concept for the animated short?

ATL:  Thanks! We were working on developing a Jamaican animated series but wanted to make sure it would include a  wide cross-section of the society. A taxi-man was the most   viable solution to us and presented lots of comedic   opportunities. We started working on it about 2 years ago,

 then we heard about the festival. So we completed it, submitted it and the rest is as you know. 


Did you do a real-life character study for the short?
AT:  Yes we did.

ATL:  We study real-life characters everyday. Jamaica is full of   them, so drawing from that arsenal was really what took  place. 


Can we look forward to part 2 or series of the Cabbie Chronicles?
ATL:  Most definitely!


With so many great-animated shorts coming out of Jamaica, do you think the island is ready for it’s own animation film festival?
AL: I think so.

MS:  There’s mad talent out there looking for a buss, so why not?

ATL:  I don’t think Jamaica on its own should have a festival though.

MS:  Why not?

ATL:  Let it be a Caribbean thing.  Animae Caribe is a great platform  for exposing Caribbean animation talent. I say we go with a  strong Jamaican contingent and come back with headlines like   “Clean Sweep for Jamaicans at Animae Caribe”


Growing up what was your favorite cartoon?

MS:  All the good ones, I can’t narrow it down.

AL:  Silver hawks, He-man and Droopy stand out to me.

ATL:  Bwoy I did love Top Cat … 


What is your favorite animated movie? 

ATL:  The Lion King man. Lion King all the way.

MS: All the good ones … from ‘Secret of Nymh’ come right back to   ‘UP’

AL: Hmmm … haffi tink bout dat one. Love most of them still but

 the most recent I would say is Ratatouille.


What new projects do you have coming up?

 MS:  Anonimouse and the Melancholic Orchestra, and The Jingoists Hymnal

 AL: LOL. More Cabbie Marlo, more Cabbie.


The best career advice I was ever given was…

MS:  Dinna’ recollect.

AL:  Listen to no one!

ATL:  Find out what you love to do and find a way to make money  from of it.


The guilty pleasure I can’t live without.

AL:  Herb!

MS:  Reality TV

ATL:  How embarrassing … E! Entertainment TV

MS: Den wha’ more embarrassing than E!?


Thanks for the interview. Any closing thoughts?
AL:  We appreciate the response from the public and look forward to completing more for their valued entertainment. Respec’ …

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