Culture 2009 Christmas Gift Guide

Do you want to put “Jamaica” in the Christmas holiday gift giving this year? Impress your family and friends with the hand picked Jamaican themed. See our 2009 Christmas gift guide.

Usain Bolt Poster
He made us proud in the 2008 Olympics. Now gift your friends and family a poster that captures “lightening strike”. A future collectors item as Bolt will continue to thrill Jamaicans through out the word.

Dread Nut Jewelry
The Dreadnut Jamaica custom jewelry is casual and simple yet very sophisticated. It is unique and dynamic. It reflects the Jamaican experience through the eyes of the jewelry line creator and Negril resident, LeeAnn. It is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Prices up on request.

Miss Lou’s Yes M’dear!!!
This CD is a must have for all Jamaicans and lovers of Jamaican culture. This CD truly show why Miss Lou (God Bless her soul) is Jamaica’s first cultural icon that paved the way for ska, reggae and dancehall. Listen to the song Street Crie (“Balancee Ohh”) and you will realize this probably was the first “dancehall” style lyrics recorded. This is tremendous as Rap music is a child of Jamaican dancehall music. The ring games and songs on the CD brought back vivid memories of Jamaica and Miss’s Lou show Ring Ding. No Jamaican home is complete without this recording.

Ludi Board
Remember the game ”Ludi”.  Now you can buy a Ludi Board and enjoy this fun game with family and friends. History – Ludi, also known as Ludo or Ludu, is a derivative of Parcheesi which is a game that originated in India and was adopted in the U.K. It was brought to the beautiful Island of Jamaica where it experienced minor changes along with the name.  

Reggae FOR KIDS Movie Classics
Are your kids fans of Disney movies? This CD is a must have for young reggae fans. It is reggae style redetions and remakes of popular Disney movies by some of reggae’s most popular artists. A great stocking stuffer.  

Soothing Soap
For that special person who likes their products natural Ital Blends soaps is sure to be a hit. The soaps are made from pure goats milk, special oils and herbs including Vitamins A, b12 C and E. It is eco-friendly and is said to reduce aging while moistening your skin.

Pimento Wood
Has your favorite chef/cook been searching for that Authentic Jerk Taste. Many Jerk experts will tell you it is the pimento wood. Now it is available in North America. Give the gift of pimento wood for you favorite jerk chef. 

Sing And Play The Jamaican Way
Gather your Jamaican family and friends for a Jamaican folk song Karoke night. This book and CD package contains some of your favourite Jamaican folk songs !!!!   

Iphone Jamaican Recipes App
The Jamaican Recipes app provides your favorite Jamaican recipes at your fingertips  with a few simple taps on your iphone. The ” Jamaican Recipes ” application is available for $1.99  from Apple’s Itune App Store

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