In the United States, Jamaicans & Other Black Immigrants Earn More than Blacks Born There

Researchers at Nielsen have found that the median income for black immigrants to the United States is 30 percent higher than that of blacks born in the U.S. According to the study, many African immigrants come to the U.S. specifically to get an education, while many are already college-educated with advanced degrees. The diversity of the black population in the United States continues to grow along with its numbers. According to Nielsen, the number of black immigrants to the U.S. has increased more than 200 percent since 1980, totaling 3.8 million and representing one in every 11 blacks. Black immigrants from the Caribbean represent almost half of all black immigrants, with most of these coming from Jamaica. According to Andrew McCaskill, Nielsen’s senior vice president of global communications, black immigrants include a high percentage of entrepreneurs and have a great ability to keep money within their own communities by creating jobs and fostering a culture that “recycles” its dollars. U.S.-born blacks, on the other hand, have had to fight many generations of institutionalized racism that have put them at socio-economic and psychological disadvantages. McCaskill is hoping that the influence of entrepreneurial immigrants will inspire U.S.-born blacks to recognize the amount of economic power they have and encourage them to harness that power collectively.

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Stephanie Korney