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Jamaicans Aid in the Clean Up of Massive Oil Spill

Boardlane TV has learned that BP has solicited an expert group of Jamaicans to assist with the clean up efforts of the massive oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico.  Boardlane TV has exclusive video of the meeting that took place between the Jamaicans and BP at the site of the disaster and the results of their work.



BP Official: We thank you all for coming to our aid to clean up this mess. We can’t say enough to express our gratitude.

Ratcliff: No Prablem Man. Wi noh really need fi hear nutten bout noh gravitrude right yah now. All wi jus waan hear is how much di work ago pay zeeen?

BP Official:Well our corporate office is thinking $US500 a day per person. What you think about that?

Ratcliff:  Sey wah?? What I tink is dat yuh is a blastid criminal an tief! Yuh tek big man fi fool? Yuh know how much wi pay fi di plane drive fi come yahso fi wok fi dat deh lickle bit a money?  Look yah sar – 500 dalla cyan feed my 7 pickney and tree more wey mi expec fram Patsy, Michelle and Beverly  

BP Official: Ok then name your price. At this point we will pay anything to get this mess of our hands. Give me a price.

Ratcliff: Hole an mek a confulscate wid mi betren  dem mek mi hear weh dem a sey.

BP Official: Confulscate?? What does that mean in English?

Ratcliff: Imagine dat eeh!!  Ah di fuss mi a  meet  wan  Hinglish smaddy who noh undastan standard plain Hinglish. Dat mean mi ago get a Kanstitutian  fram di ressa di crew.  Yuh get dat now Missa suit an tie?

BP Official: Whatever you say Mon.

Ratcliff:  Yow ButtaTeet, TipyToe, BalheadDread rope in. How much unu tink wi fi demands fi disyah work. A nuff ail outta yah still an dem lickle English tite @$$ dem noh know wey dem a do out yah

ButtaTeet: Di way mi si it, dis ago cast  dem bout 2 case a Guinness

BalheadDread: Hey bway yuh a ediat? Go Wey bout yuh  2 case Guinness.  Ratcliff  tell di man sey wi ago tek  20 lb a high grade  weed fi do di wok yuh hear sah

TipyToe:  Kiss mi rahtid  ..mi cyan believe mi earsole. Unu is set a blastid ediat – A MONEY WI A DEFEN! Ratcliff yuh si wah mek mi did tell yuh fi lef dem two Jack@$$ yah a dem yaad? Tell di man wi ago charge US1.5 miyion dallas. It goh soh!

Ratcliff: How much Hundred dalla bill ina dat Tipy?

TipyToe:  A mi yuh a ask? A dat mi hear JayZ and Beyonce a mek soh dat soun like di sed amount wi fi ask fah. Plus di sun hat out yah man. Wi fi get compenstition fi dat to. Trus mi!

Ratcliff:  Arite mek a run it by bossman an si wey im a deal wid… Mista Suit and Tie come ova yahso sar…

BP Official: Yes Mister Ratcliff, I take it you all came up with a price.

Ratcliff:  Yes sar. Mi betren dem come up wid a bargain deal  betta dan di price fi a Elvis jacket. Wi a tink bout 1.5 miyion .. Tell mi sey dat a noh wan wikid deal?

BP Official: Bloody Hell! What do you Jamaicans think this is – a Casino Heist?

Ratcliff:  Mine how yuh a talk loud enoh Mista Suit an tie!  If yuh naah let aff di 1.5 miyion mi can goh back a mi yaad cause mi have wan Mavado stage show uppa Halfway Tree square fi goh. Wi noh havi dey yah soh a lay lay wid yuh.

BP Official: Alright Alright! Bloody Hell Pals – Ya’ killing me here. Ok we can get the money together. What kind of equipment you people have to clean this up anyway?

BalheadDread: A wah do dis white man iyah? Equipment? Yaad man noh use  noh Babylon machine fi do manual labor. Wi have natural tings dat wi guarantee fi soak up dis ting in bout hour an half taps!

BP Official: Oh Yeah? And what’s that may I ask?

ButtaTeet: 200 carton bax a Hair weave sar? Di natural type.. good good Yaki bran made in China

BP Official: Huh? What di bloody hell you all talking about. Hair weave? Is this what you want me to pay millions of dollars for? You take this thing for a joke?

Ratcliff:  Hey sah.. mine yuh buss a shut button. Relax yuh self. Yuh neva si how hair weave can soak up ail yet? Why yuh tink yuh si di ooman dem a walk round wid dry head bout di place? As dem dash lickle ail ina dem head.. di weave nyam dat up like nutten neva goh in dey fram di day di weave patch in. Ah dats why di gyal dem head dry like cocknat brush soh!

ButtaTeet: Trus wi Mista BP.. it ago wok man. None a fi unu hi-tech sinting naah wok anyway. An fi  wi plan come wid a zero pint naught percent money back guarantee.

BP Official: You people had better know what you are doing because my @$$ is on the line for this and you people told me you could get this problem fixed.

TipyToe: Well count yuh blessings. Yuh noh gat noh @$$ behine yuh soh yuh noh have nutten fi loose.

BP Official: You can make jokes all you want. Tell me how is this thing going to work now?

BalheadDread: A simple ting dread. Wi a goh tek a small boat outta sea an dash in di weave dem ova which part di aile a swim. Den wi jus watch di weave swallow up di aile. When  wi dun wi jus crape up back di weave dem an put dem ina scandal bag.

BP Official:  Ok then how do you get rid of the oil soaked hair when it’s all done?

TipyToe: Get ridda? A wah do dis bredda yah? Wi a carry dem back to di Rock goh sell dem pan di black market! Yuh know how much money di skettel dem wi pay fi a ready made ail sheen weave?

BalheadDread: Yeah Man. A dat wi call Hampa-try-nurship iyah! Wi ago promote di stappage a dry head pan di island yuh noh seeit. Wi ago tell wi customas dem sey di weave dem come well priserve wid “Aile of the Bay”. Woooiiii Yes Iyah.. A big tings!

BP Official:  You people are nuts! OK get to work. Let’s just see if this madness you are talking about works.

The three men took off in the ocean spreading bundles of hair in the ocean. The BP officials using binoculars watched from the pier hoping that the Jamaicans had finally found the cure for their misery.

Three hours past and the oil appeared to be subsiding.  The news of the success spread across the airways and crews from CNN, MSNBC and CSPAN started filming the work of the Jamaicans. The BP officials were amazed at the speed at which the hair weaves sucked the oil from the ocean and began to throw high fives all around.  The US was in a euphoria singing the praises of the Jamaicans as they came back to shore to a jubilant BP officials and TV crew.

BP Official: I cannot believe it!! You guys did it!! Only you Jamaicans would think of such an ingenious plan. Bravo to you my friends!

Ratcliff:  Wi did tell unu sey a simple ting dis man. Unu dash wey dem dey big ole ugly machine wey noh have noh use. An by di way gi wi di money mek wi get fi  goh bout wi business

BP Official: As you say in Jamaica – No Problem Mon. The cash is right over here for you. You can count it all if you want

BalheadDread:   But Kiss mi gyal renking meat! A soh much money mek up 1.5 miyion?? No star wi cyan count up dem deh money yahsoh. Eehm…Is nat dat wi cyan count but mi noh able fi disyah breeze blow  weh di whole a wi money a sea. Wi trus yuh sey it all dey dey bossman. Rispec!

BP Official: Thank you all for this once again. Our company is forever indebted to you.

CNN Reporter: Hey Jamaicans! One moment please we have someone who wants to talk to you by phone.

Ratcliff:   Kiss mi Nike Boot! A mi baby madda Patsy dat a call mi already? I doan know why mi goh tek up wid dat graben lizzad lip gyal enoh!

CNN Reporter : I don’t know who Patsy is sir. It’s President Obama wanting to congratulate you and your team and thank you all for a job well done sir.

Ratcliff:  Tell Obama sey mi wi chat to im wan neda time. Im tink mi noh hear bout im pan Fax cable news? Imma wan blastid ginal .. a waan im waan come tax wi money fi goh bail out Toyata outta fi dem prablem.  Im naah get none a dis a baxide!

CNN Reporter: Huh? Did anybody catch what the heck he just said?

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Wendy is an aspiring playwriter and author. Many of her ‘Jamaicanized’ stories and original sketches have been ‘viral’ on the Internet for several years. Many who have read her work has been known to laugh uncontrollably from the hilarious portrayal of the characters in the sketches. Wendy’s impressive writing portfolio includes the very funny Jamaicanized version of the Titanic, Cinderella (Punchinella) and most recently the sketch on the American Airline crash in Jamaica. Her work has been featured on the forums for over 12 years and enjoyed by many around the world. She is currently in the process of writing her first book to be released soon.

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Joelle "Wendy" Wright

Joelle "Wendy" Cohen Wright is an author of character-driven Jamaican sketch comedy. She developed her love for sketch comedy after enrolling in a speech drama club in a Kingston primary school, where she won countless awards for her theatre performances.

Joelle is fast becoming one of the Caribbean's well-loved comedy writers. With her irrepressible sense of humor and a flair for dramatics, Joelle's writing style has the right comedic timing that is sure to induce laughter through her storytelling abilities in Jamaican patois. Ever the natural comedienne, she adds a fiery jolt of pure comic bliss to her series of characters and hilarious interpretations of Jamaican every day life.

Her first collection of sketches, "A Soh Wi Do It!" was published in 2010 and made rave reviews from readers across the world. The author dedicated the following years to penning the hilarious come backs entitled, "A Soh It Goh!" and "A Soh Dem Gwaan." Joelle holds a post graduate degree from the University of Maryland, University College, MD.