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Travel Advice Q & A: Staying in Ocho Rios.We would like to eat vegan meals?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  Help answer a Jamaica Travel question from an email we received: I am going to Jamaica in 2 weeks & I am really worried about eating vegan there. I am going to be staying in Ocho Rios. As far as I know there are not many vegan options apart from rice, fruit and some sort of salad. Any suggestions?


B. Berry – there is cabbage, callalloo (frm the spinach & collard greens family) google & see if ther is anything out there

D. Geddes-  Callaloo dishes, stew peas (without meat obviously)…several ‘provision’ options to eat sans meat…

C. Schweitzer -Typical Ja. cuisine (sans meat) includes very few dairy products anyway….just look for a small “Ital” cookery stand on the road & you should find what you desire. Ital = vital, ie. veg. cooking with no dairy & usually no salt . You can probably find some nice veg. stew there served with rice & peas.

G. Crowe -  close to the clock tower is GREAT! Lots of other veg everywhere and they do not use animal fat to steam. Veg patties at Juicy Pattie

E. Long – If you eat fish there is ackee and salt fish as well as shrimp and fried fish.

C. Lyons Ilaloo, ipah and yumkin..(stitiche style)

D. Gee  – Oh my…I was just in Ocho Rios over March break. I am vegetarian and I was in heaven. It is the most vegan/vegetarian place that I have ever been to. I have to run but can tell you more later. No problem being vegan there…..even my hotel always had vegetarian/vegan food… will love it.

Dwight Geddes, author ahh…@Elder; vegan-no meat/fish. So no saltfish or shrimp

E.  Alkebulan -         63 Main St,    Has Ital… Near Clock Tower…

E QuiQui -  That’s if it’s still open???

D. Van -  Unless ur lookin 4 meat substitute not quiet sure, suggest u bring ur own vegan fish ect other wise ull be fine

W. Passmore – go to the market

E. Yap – They should have booked to stay at The Blue House ! LOL !!

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