Jamaica, a land of wood and water
Soil of some of the most talented sons and daughters
Our talents go across the globe far and wide
because we use the almighty God as our guide

We put Him first in all we do
and He makes us strong so our dreams can come true
Bob Marley is a legend with songs from here to Japan
he is known all over as one of our greatest musicians

Merlene Ottey is the queen of the track
She is beautiful, powerful and black
Mike McCallun is our boxing champion
one who has won many fights under extreme conditions

Simon Brown is there too
he has shown what courage and strength can do
Donovan Bailey is the track king
he moves so fast, it’s as if he has wings

Collin Powell is of Jamaican parentage
For the president of the United states,
he was one with the greatest advantage
John Barnes is from Jamaica too

For England there was so much he could do
but he was only given fifteen minutes in the ’86 world cup
and God knows that wasn’t enough
We are peoples with great ambition
and we are proud to be Jamaicans



©2007 Earl Thompson

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Earl Thompson