Jamaica’s £7 Billion Reparations Claim Dismissed By British High Commissioner, Asif Ahmad

Jamaica 7 Billion Pounds Reparations Claim Dismissed By British High Commissioner

Asif Ahmad, the British High Commissioner to Jamaica, dismissed the nation’s claim for reparations totaling £7 billion after Jamaica announced its intention to file a petition to seek compensation from Britain for its participation in the transatlantic slave trade. Ahmad said that the request for reparations directly from government to government “will not prosper” because it would be difficult to know how to make the payment to as those directly harmed by the activity “are no longer here.” To date, the government of the United Kingdom has only paid compensation to living individuals, Ahmad said, citing the example of compensation paid under the Windrush Compensation Scheme. While the impact of slavery on the Caribbean is “unforgiveable,” Ahmad said claims for reparations are not “viable” because there is no clear plan about who the recipients will be and who will pay it.

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