Jamaica’s Club Mobay & Kingston Inspiring Possibilties – “We Make It Happen!”

VIP Attractions (Club Mobay and Club Kingston) added colour to the lives of 38 children through its inaugural Labour Day initiative which led 100 members of staff to the Montego Bay Autism Centre.

Compelled by their passion to serve, the staff opted to spend the holiday painting classrooms and gardening in an effort to enhance the property’s landscape.

Autism is a life-long developmental disability that causes individuals to experience difficulties in understanding what they see, hear and sense. This results in severe challenges with social relationships, communication and behaviour. It affects one in every sixty eight children.

Founded in 2010 by Mr. & Mrs. Adam Blagrove, the centre was developed from an in home service which catered to the need of a mother with a special needs child. The non-profit organization offers early intervention, pre-school and primary education services.

When asked why this project was selected, newly appointed CEO Ricardo Esteban responded “I am delighted that this is one of the first initiatives as a part of the VIP family that I am undertaking considering my passion and previous involvement in projects assisting children. VIP Attractions’ (Club MoBay and Club Kingston) since inception has been actively involved with assisting children with special needs and their families. We are guided by the footsteps of our Executive Chairman, David Hall who dedicated years of his life towards building a Special Needs academy for children in Kingston.  It is our core value of service that motivates all of us to help to make a difference in our community and this year we have chosen the Montego Autism Centre of St. James to lend our support. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

VIP Attractions has adopted the school and will continue to lend support to the centre’s efforts to improve the quality of life for children and parents affected by Autism.

Overwhelmed with joy and moved to tears Mrs. Blagrove noted “this is a testament that all things are possible through Christ, I prayed for God to send us an angel and my prayers were answered.” She further stated that it has always been her vision and dream to elevate the lives of these kids at the centre. Before, she could not have fathomed how possible it would have been until God has blessed her with her new extended family found in the VIP Attractions’ team. “Your commitment rain or shine is forever appreciated and thank you for making it happen for our children”

VIP Attractions would like to thank all their sponsors for the tremendous support on this very successful initiative.

Premier Support Team: Jamaica Tours Limited, Solo Jamaica, Iberostar, We Resolve, MS Tech, Fresh and Direct.

Other Amazing Partners: Baking Enterprise, Discount Lumber and Hardware, Gourmet Jamaica, Goddard Catering, Wrap City, Coldfield Manufacturing Limited, Mothers and Wisynco.

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