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Jamaica’s Reggae Girls Set to Earn Higher Salary with New FIFA Payment Structure

Jamaica's Reggae Girls Set to Earn Higher Salary with New FIFA Payment Structure

A new FIFA financial distribution model means that every 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup team and player will receive guaranteed payments for their tournament achievements. The new model applies to Participating Member Associations (PMAs), with record-high distributions designed to support the development of football in their countries. The move represents another step by FIFA to develop women’s football and to make sure the players get a fair deal. FIFA is hoping to establish a standard for everyone involved with the industry from broadcasters to governments and other interested parties.

Allocations Under The New Model

The new payment model establishes specific amounts according to the final rank of a PMA as follows. At the Group Stage, the allocation per PMA is US$1,560,00; for the Round of 16, US$1,870,000; for the Quarter Final US$2,180,000; for 4th Place US$2,455,000; for 3rd Place US$2,610,000; for 2nd Place US$3,015,000; and the Champions US$4,290,000.

The financial allocation per player depends on the position at a stage of the tournament, with those in the Group Stage receiving US$30,000; those at the Round of 16 US$60,000; Quarter Final US$90,000; 4th Place US$165,000; 3rd Place US$180,000; 2nd Place  US$195,000; and Champions US$270,000.

Allocation For The Reggae Girlz

Under the new FIFA model, the Reggae Girlz will receive US$1.56 million at the Group Stage, and this increases for each stage reached by the team. Each player will receive US$30 at the Group Stage, with more made available for every stage they reach.

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Statement of FIFA President

According to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the unprecedented new distribution model allows every individual player at the Women’s World Cup in 2023 the ability to rely on being paid for their efforts as they progress through the tournament stages. The winning team captain who raises the iconic trophy at the end of the competition on August 20, 2023, in Sydney, Australia, and each of the 22 members of the team will be paid US$270,000, he added.

New Allocations: Real Impact, Universal Application, Fairness

Infantino stated that as the international salary of professional women’s football players is about US$14,000 per year, so the new allocation amounts will have a major impact on their lives and careers. All the member associations will also enjoy record financial distributions according to their performance as well, and they can then reinvest these funds to support football in their own countries to move the women’s game further forward, he said.

According to FIFPro President, David Aganzo, the guaranteed remuneration of the new model represents a major milestone for women’s sports, noting that the success of the model relies on its universal application and fairness. These are two elements that female footballers have been asking for.

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