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“To foster hope in the hearts and minds of the people of Jamaica by administering to their needs in a holistic manner”


We believe that the people of Jamaica can benefit from us giving back our time, energy and resources to help in supporting families and empowering communities. To this end, JAMERICAN OUTREACH, INC. (JOI) will work with individuals, families, organizations and communities to help meet their needs and address their issues.

ABOUT US – The idea for JAMERICAN OUTREACH INC. was born on July 4, 2003 when a group of friends became engrossed in a passionate discussion about the socio-economic issues in Jamaica. It was decided that we should and could affect positive changes in our beloved homeland. This came to fruition with the incorporation of JAMERICAN OUTREACH, INC. in February 2004.

PURPOSE – The JAMERICAN OUTREACH, INC is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically charity for the people of Jamaica, West Indies. Jamerican Outreach’s goal is primarily aimed at improving access to quality education in Jamaica, targeting needy students with aptitude and providing much needed resources for schools and other social institutions. We will adopt schools, offer grants and scholarships and other resources as needed or deemed essential to improving quality of education and life of the youths. As we grow, we hope to broaden our scope of giving to also benefit people in need in other countries.

Current Projects

Adopt-A-School program:
Browns Town Primary- 2004 grant recipient.


The school’s goal is to achieve at least 90% mastery in Literacy throughout the school. At present they are faced will innumerable obstacles due to the lack of the Reading Lab and equipment.

The impact this facility will have on these students will be remarkable as they will assist the lab in small groups and will receive individual attention. They will be enthused and excited by the new and attractive materials and equipment, which will undoubtedly generate a high level of interest and better grades in Literacy. It is also hoped that attendance and punctuality will be improved.

Information Technology

In this present day, Information Technology is a global enterprise. It is our goal to expose our students from Grade one to computers and information and Technology. Our students have the aptitude, interest and ability to perform at a high standard. In many instances after our students reach High school they face difficulty when they must compete with students who have been exposed to information Technology at the primary school level. We need to equip our students so that they will be able to compete in this field. It also exposes them to being interested in new career fields.

Our students are fascinated by computers and the limited equipment, which we possess in our school. It is because of this knowledge that we are certain that both students and teachers will motivated to perform optimally thus resulting in heightened attendance and punctuality.

It will assist students who are categorized as slow learners to be better facilitated for, in the sense that lessons will be more visual, audible, hands – on and attractive.

Outreaching Scholarship: Our 2004 scholarship recipient is Everton Henry from Brown’s Town Primary. We will provide him with full tuition, books and uniform for the duration of High School contingent upon his academic performance.

Gift Donations: US $200 to Marvin Walker from Browns Town primary and Antonette Henry from Bellevue Primary.

To join Jamerican Outreach Inc. or make a donation, please visit our website and see membership form. Or you can contact us directly by phone or email if you require further information on our organization.

Contact: Nadine Shaw-Founder/President
Address: 257-66 145th Avenue, Rosedale, NY 11422
Tel: (718) 506-7789
Email: [email protected]

Paula Thompson-Secretary
Tel: (917) 561-6497
Email: [email protected]

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