Want to Visit Jamdom again

I have been to Jamaica twice. Once two summers ago for a month and just this past summer for another month. I was 16 and 17 years old respectively. I had a penpal down there that lived in Braeton. She lived with her grandmother and other family members. I went to a part of Jamaica that has virtually no tourists. I didn’t see any other white person in that area. It felt really strange. I would get many stares and cat calls mostly from the male population. There was the initial shock when I first went because of the weather and culture. I never really got used to the food except for the chicken, rice and dumplings. I loved their dumplings. I would have at least six of them every night for supper. I worked at a summer camp for two weeks and then was a camper for the last week. I had a chance to travel to Ochi, Mandeville, and Kingston. I loved Dunn’s River. I also went to the Bob Marley musuem. I think Jamaica is a beautiful place but the people are somewhat rude. That is part of the culture I think. I learned lot’s of patois. I saw many different aspects of their culture and I really think I experienced the real Jamaica, not the tourist trap areas that look great but don’t show you the bad parts of Jamaica.

I had a wonderful time both times and I want to visit Jamdown again someday.