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Jamaican Acronyms Shorthand & Emoticons

As a new person to the Jamaicans.com Community Forums (or if you get email from our members), you’ll probably be struck by the fact that a lot of the messages contain odd-looking words and punctuation. Your Jamaican friends may even been sprinkling these word and words and punctuation in email communications. Well it is a Jamaicanized version of the kind of “shorthand” that Internet users have developed so they can express certain thoughts and emotions without wasting time typing them out. The words and punctuation were developed here by Jamaicans.com members and have been used on our Community Forums since 1995. Stay tuned as we constantly update this page. If you are new to Jamaican patois you may need to see our Patois Dictionary

AFR = All Fruits Ripe
AO = Alms Ouse
AOL = After Olint
BC = Box Cover or Blood C****
BF =  Baby Fadah
BIB = Baggy Ina Bungle
BM – Baby Maddah
BOAL = Buss Out A Laff
BOABDL = buss out one big dutty laff
BOL = Before Olint
BOT = Back On Top
BOWLAFDOOMB = Bowed Ova Wid Laff An Fawl Dung Out Of Mi Bed
BPT = Back Pon Top
BYBAL = Ban Yuh Belly An Laff
BYAM = Beg Yuh A Money     
BYSC = Beg Yuh Some Credit
CAS = Crack a smile
DDMO = Doan Draw Mi Out
DWL = Dead Wid Laff
DWLTMPUMS = Dead Wid Laff Til Mi Peepee Up Mi Self
DWLAPUMS = Dead Wid Laff And Peepee Up Mi Self
FR = Fe Real
GDAB = Go Dead a Bush
GDY = Go Deh Yute
GDMY = Gi Deh My Yute
GDMG = Go Deh My Girl
GP = Gal Pickeney
IYTYB = If Yuh Tink Yuh Bad
KMN: Kiss Mi Neckback
KY = ku ya
KYAWO -Kut Yeye and Wheel Out
LIH = Lick Innu Head
LL = Licky Licky
LM = Likkle Mo
MAG = Move An Gweh
MAK = Mi A Kinpupalick
MAS = Mad As Shad
MF = More Fyah
MNR = Mad Nuh Ras
MT = Mo Time
MTR = Mad To Rass
MPD = Mad People Dem
MYB = Move Yuh B**Bo
MYODB = Mine Yuh Own Dyamn Binezz
NR = Nuff Respect
ROTFWL = Rolling On The Floor With Laff.
SROC = Soon Run Outtah Credit
SYF = Stop Yuh Foolishness
TDTD  -  Talk di tings dem
TDTN – Talk di tings nuh
TWY = Tek Weh Yuself
WUAS = Whey yuh a sey
YSM = Yuh see mi
YL = Yuh Lucky
YM = Yuh Mumma
YTF = Yuh Too fass
XA = X Amount


=== * * * = :BRAP BRAP:

-o-^-o- = :kutyeyes:

,,n,,^,,n,, = :batting yeyelashes:

(++++++++) = :longhellabakissteet:

******(oo)—-(oo): = :wheelout:

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