JMMB Goal Getter Round 1 Challenger Receives Cash Prize

JMMB Group’s newest promotion, the JMMB GoalGetter Challenge, concluded the first of three levels of the competition by awarding 22-year old Tavian Brooks-HoSang with a cash prize of J$50,000, her having achieved the top score in that level. She beat out a pool of over 600 registered persons, who had signed up for the interactive new online competition, which ends on Friday, July 31.

As a young entrepreneur, Brooks-HoSang is grateful for the cash prize, which she plans to inject into her painting and decor business. She admits that following closely on the heels of plans for business expansion are her other financial goals which include: owning her own home, dream car and vacation to Paris. An excited Brooks-HoSang shared, “my main reason for participating was to get the finances needed to invest in my business; that’s my main priority right now. She credits the information received during level 1 of the competition, as an incredible learning tool, helping her to organise her finances and plan towards achieving her financial goals.

When asked how the challenge has helped her so far, Brooks-HoSang pin-pointed the lessons on saving, monitoring spending and organising her money as the most outstanding tips to guide her on her path to better money management. She adds that the competition has helped her to recognize the value of designating funds for investing. “You have to learn tactics to put aside some of your earnings and organize your finances, so it can grow and manifest into something bigger,” she said. Brooks-HoSang considers herself to be a goal getter and strongly believes there’s no better time than the present to seize an opportunity.

Through a series of challenges that have, so far, involved participants perusing the JMMB website, documenting financial goals and sharing the information on social media with family and friends; the competition is aimed at helping users to achieve their financial goals, while learning ways to help them become better at money management, with JMMB as their financial partner. Kerry-Ann Stimpson, JMMB Group Marketing Manager, described the next level of the competition, which began on Saturday, June 13. She notes, “Level 2’s challenges are more involved, as we are now asking participants to take a further step in the planning and achievement of their financial goals. Challenges such as creating a personal budget, as well as designing one’s very own vision board, are just some of the tasks that we invite participants to complete at this level.”

As the competition continues into level 2, JMMB encourages individuals to sign up and have fun, while learning important money management skills. “We are very excited about awarding the first level winner in our JMMB Goal Getter Challenge.

Now, she is in possession of much needed funds to help her in the achievement of her financial goals. We are even more excited about the possibility of giving more persons the chance to win a cash prize, while we also provide the financial education and information that everyone needs to assist them,” Stimpson says. With  $600K still on the ‘table’ to be won over the remaining 2 rounds, including the $250,000 grand prize for the overall top scorer, persons are invited to embark on the ultimate journey by becoming a JMMB Goal Getter, and signing up for free at

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