Jamaican Joke: Jamaican Marriage Counselling

A group of Jamaican men attended a Marriage Seminar on “How to create a loving relationship with your wife.”

“How many of you love your wife?” asked the moderator.
All hands went up.
“How many of you remind your wife of that love often?”
Of the 35, three hands went up.
“When was the last time you told your wife that you love her?
None could remember exactly.
The moderator then said, ” Gentlemen, you are now going to each text your wife these four words, ‘I Love You, Sweetheart’ and then swap your phones around and read the loving replies from your wives.”

The first ten replies were:
1. “Who you breed again?”
2. “That was once upon a time! Not now.”
3. “Rahtid, how much money you trying to borrow now?”
4. “What evil thing you do? I am not going to forgive you again!”
5. “What dat mean?”
6. “Wait, is that a new song?”
7. “Bwoy, You dreaming or you having nightmare?”
8. “If you don’t tell me who this message was really meant for, I going chop you up”
9. ” I told you to stop the heavy drinking!”
10. “Who is this? You thief! Find mi husband and give him back his phone!”

And they say we Jamaicans are not romantic!