Book Review – Juicebox & Scandal

About the Book
The environment of the Caribbean is perhaps the most important economic asset that is common to the region. However, recent overseas developments including the rise of food outlets and the increased use of disposable non-bio-degradable material has brought the region face to face with the possible loss of its natural environment. As such, these publishers feel the need to reach out to the children of Jamaica—the impassioned plea to save the environment. Juicebox & Scandal is a collection of three exciting stories featuring colourful Jamaican characters and scenarios. The stories stimulate the imagination and promote the worldwide message of environmental conservation and preservation. Each story contains a distinct Caribbean flavour designed to attract children of varying ages, tastes and interests.

About the Author
Hazel Campbell is the author of the award-winning book Ramgoat Dashalong (1997 Vic Reid Award for Children’s Literature sponsored by the National Book Development Council of Jamaica). Also the author of Tilly Bummie and, Mrs. Campbell is a specialist in fiction and has published stories for children and adults alike. She continues to write and edit children’s literature and administers courses for the writing of children’s literature and short stories at the Philip Sherlock Centre of the Creative Arts at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

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