Kentucky in Jamaica? – A Hidden Gem

Kentucky in Jamaica? Located just a few miles off A2 between Savanna La Mar and Belmont in the Bluefields Bay area at Cave is a road, which meanders through Cave Valley and eventually ends up in the small village of Kentucky. Driving there is not for the faint of heart as the elevation quickly gets to nearly 3,000ft over a narrow, rutted road that switches back and forth with many blind corners. This being said, the experience makes the drive worth the trouble. An alternative option is a route taxi from Savanna La Mar which will drop you off at your destination for less than $4 US per person.

The view from the hilltop where Kentucky has a perch gives a spectacular vista of Belmont to Dean’s Valley encompassing the sprawling city of Savanna La Mar and the distant ocean off Negril’s famous beach. Albert “Ozzie” Rodney and his lady, Rosemarie Billings, provide the ultimate in a “roots experience” having accommodations for only $20 US per night and authentic Jamaican meals served at your cabin for about $5 US per meal more. Ozzie and Rosemarie have six children and a young baby but you can have as much privacy or as little as you choose.

You can contact them at (876)847-2091 or (876)810-8400 to reserve a room, schedule a visit, airport or local pickup or to get a route taxi in Savanna La Mar. You can snail mail them at: Kentucky District Kentucky P.A. Westmoreland JWI. This is a great place to experience the real Jamaica and to get to know some wonderful Jamaicans at the same time.