Khloé Kardashian Learning To Cook Jamaican Food

Khloé Kardashian Learning To Cook Jamaican Food

Celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together, Khloe Kardashian and her Jamaican-Canadian boyfriend Tristan Thompson are enjoying being expectant parents.  Tristan is a professional basketball player for the NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Reality TV star Kardashian, 33, expressed her love for Tristan on Instagram with a photo captioned, “When a woman is loved correctly, she becomes ten times the woman she was before” Thank you, my love ❤.”

The couple’s Valentine celebration took place at the home of her mother Kris Jenner/ Khloe acknowledged that both she and Tristan have a need to be with family. Jenner had a chef cook for them, which provided some luxurious fun.

However, Kardashian said she would be doing some cooking as well. Because Tristan is Jamaican and loves Jamaican food, his mother has been teaching Khloe how to make authentic island recipes, and she planned to make him “an amazing Jamaican meal” earlier in the day.

Kardashian acknowledged that the couple’s sex life has been more challenging since she became pregnant and advised other expectant parents to improvise and “do the best they can” within the limitations of the pregnancy.

Source: People Magazine

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