King Tubby – 1 Minute Jamaican Music Biography


King Tubby is famous for being instrumental in blazing a whole new trail in terms of the evolution of Jamaica’s unique music scene. Tubby was one of the founders of the hugely popular genre known world-wide as Dub. In 1972 Tubby’s HiFi was one of Kingston’s BIG sound systems. A key reason why was his sound quality. Separate tweeder boxes and reverb were just a couple of Tubby’s varied improvements. He carried the desire to enhance sound into his recording studio as well. By 1974 King Tubby had made his mark with the release of ‘Watergate Rock’. Dispensing with the vocals of Larry Marshall’s ‘I Admire You’, and with the heavy emphasis on drum and bass…with a large injection of reverb and equalization, it made such an impact that before long entire Dub albums became the order of the day.
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