Koffee Pays Tribute to Her Mom on Acting Debut

Although she was away on business, Grammy Award-winner Koffee honored her mother and biggest fan, Jo-Ann Williams, with flowers to mark Williams’ acting debut in the short film “Raw Material,” which was screened at the Palace Cineplex in the Sovereign Center in Jamaica. Williams appears in the role of “Angie,” a landowner who is trying to get her renter to pay his lease. As he continues to avoid her, she becomes more and more disappointed, and her disappointment fuels her decision to make some draconian moves. Audience members at the premier gave the film a rousing round of applause following the viewing.

In an interview with The Weekend Star, reggae sensation Koffee said that it was amazing to see her mother on the big screen, but that she always viewed her mother as an actress while she was growing up. Jo-Ann Williams is sometimes referred to as “The Koffee Maker.” The singer added that it was “refreshing” to see her in a 2022 film.

Koffee made a point of offering virtual support to her mother and praised the entire cast for their performances. She said, “as a fellow creative, this is my more memorable time seeing your work and I truly delight in it.” She added that she was looking forward to seeing more from them. Of Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly, the head of the film, Koffee said she had done a great job and successfully engaged her audience.

In other news, Koffee confirmed that she is working on new music. According to reports, the “Toast” singer is dealing with a collection scheduled for release in the middle of 2023, although it could drop toward the end of 2022. Koffee’s presentation collection, “Gifted,” was released in March of 2022. It included the hits “Lockdown,” “West Indies,” and “Pull Up.” The singer is currently preparing for a visit to Jamaica’s schools in which she will travel across the island sometime toward the end of October 2022.

Koffee was born Mikayla Simpson in Jamaica and was raised with her three brothers and sister by her mother in Spanish Town.