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Kool Runnings Water Park – Negril

The Kool Runnings Water Park was established in early 2007, and since then, it offers a welcoming family-friendly entertainment option in Jamaica. The park is located in Negril – the island’s “Capital of Cool” – on Norman Manley Boulevard. Kool Runnings is a state-of-the-art water park that features attractions for visitors of all ages, locals and tourists alike.

Once through the park’s intriguing entrance, visitors are presented with the magic of this watery world that features huge water slides, lazy rivers, and more. Kool Runnings has many waterslide options, including those designed for security-minded sliders and those who are very adventurous and brave.

Visitors can experience the tranquil trips on the “Rio Bueno,” a lazy river that is one-quarter mile long. The route moves under several bridges and offers views of the lush Jamaican landscape. Or visitors may choose to take the “thrill ride” route, enjoying the Jamaica Bobsled Ride, the Green Grotto, the Kickpuppalick, the Duppy Conqueror, the Sly Mongoose, the Lightening Bolt, or the Red Snapper. Some of these slides can be ridden on single tubes, while on others, up to three persons can ride together on larger tubes.

A favorite with visitors is the Green Grotto waterslide, which is 40 feet high, 54 inches wide, and 385 feet long. It features the latest in 3D virtual reality image and sound technology. Having been designated “the ride of your life,” visitors can choose a theme they want to experience, and at the press of a button, they will find themselves sliding through the Green Grotto, named after the famous cave and underwater lake on the island. This ride can be experienced on either a single or double tube.

Coconut Island has been designed for children under 48” (4 feet) tall. It offers less intimidating rides that have shorter slides and shallow splash pools. Well-trained lifeguards are on duty at all the water attractions on Coconut Island. The island is also home to Mikie Manatee and Captain Mikie, the mascot of Kool Runnings Water Park and his alter ego, who is said to have been shipwrecked there. After years of being a mean and thoroughly nasty individual, Captain Mikie learned it was better to be nice; he now welcomes children to share in interactive water games, one of which involves a giant coconut that dumps water on people when they least expect it. (Warning: children will be splashed with water from head to toe, so watch out!)

Anancy Village is the dry area of the park, and it offers its own kind of thrills and adventures. Adults and children can ride a traditional merry-go-round called the “Peenie Wallie Carousel.” They can also enjoy horseback riding or jump on the “Bug-A-Boo Bungee Trampoline.” The ropes and wires of this trampoline mimic the web of the spider Anancy, which is famous in traditional Jamaican folktales for its smart tactics. Visitors to Anancy Village can experience the adrenalin rush of the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track. Anancy Village is a popular location for birthday parties, school parties, and other celebrations.

When hunger strikes, visitors can avail themselves of the wide variety of themed restaurants at Kool Runnings, which serve everything from snacks to traditional Jamaican cuisine. The Knot Out Sports Bar is a perfect place to unwind, while the Sweet Potato Grill features delicious Jamaican fare. The Guava Jelly Coffee Shop features coffee and snacks, and the Kool Blendz Juice Bar offers cool fruit drinks and slushies. If a sit-down meal is desired, the Dash-een Restaurant is the place to go.

The Kool Runnings Water Park is closely monitored by efficient and well-trained lifeguards and staff who ensure the safety and perfect condition of all rides.

The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. It is closed on Mondays. The cost for an entire day of unlimited rides is US$28. Children under four feet (48 inches) in height pay US$19. Children under two years of age enter at no cost.

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