10 Questions with Ky-Mani Marley

Ky-Mani Marley

In this week’s 10 question series we interview Ky-Mani Marley. The tenth child of reggae star Bob Marley, he is currently on tour promoting his new book “Dear Dad”. We caught up to him at his New York book signing.

Usually when I attend a book signing the author speaks about the book and reads from a section of the book, however, Ky-Mani Marley’s book signing was very interesting. The moment he came to the front of the room the questions began. The audience asked questions for about 45 minutes; when it was time to sign books, I left bad for Ky-Mani’s hand cause it was going to be cramped by the end of the night. The line was to the front door (the book signing took place at the back of the store) and wrapped around a few freestanding bookshelves. I think he signed 300 books and 100 fliers… yu tiyad yet?

–  As you travel around the world promoting your new book tell us how different it is from being on a music tour?
It’s not that different. I’m still interacting with my fans.

–  What is your favorite part of being on tour?
Being able to talk to so many beautiful people. They have similar stories.

–  What is the weirdest question you have gotten while on the book tour?
Now, I won’t give that away, they may read this…

–  Any new albums coming out in the future?
Yes, I’m putting my album together now.

–  You sing, you act and you are now an author…what’s next? Any new projects?
Continue spreading positive messages through my words. Also, through my foundation Love Over All (check it out, ok so I plugged in the website Ky-Mani didn’t  Something is always brewing, if I spill it, it might spoil up.

–  You were estranged from the Marley family while growing up. How did you turn that negative into a positive and how does it affect you in your family life?
There are no problems, we have a healthy relationship. Everyone is working on their projects. We’re just moving on.

–  You have traveled the world. Other than US or Jamaica what place you could see yourself living?
I’ve traveled the world, there’s nothing I haven’t seen. I’m pretty comfortable where I am.

– Something about me most people would be surprise to know?
Many things are shared in the book, other things are still current.(laughs)

– What is the one piece of advise you would give to anyone trying to break into reggae music?
Be real with yourself and never forget your purpose—and that takes a long time.

– What are your thoughts on the state of Reggae today? Some say the best music now comes from outside of Jamaica? Do you agree with that?
Music is international, anywhere you go it’s life stories and expressions from the heart.

– Thanks for the interview and closing thoughts?

This music has become my outlet to speak about what I’ve gone through, and to speak on the issues of society, the issues of humankind, and try to shine somewhat of a brighter light on those issues. I saw the power of music early in my career, and I’m humbled by it.

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Reeshemah Brightley is Jamaican. Her company, Sabree Special Events, along with her business partner Jose Adames focuses on bringing elements of the Caribbean music industry to the American entertainment industry. The company does red carpet events, promotions, marketing and management for Caribbean artists. You can contact them at [email protected] and on facebook: Sabree Carib Mgmt

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