Jamaica, Land We Love

Jamaica, land we love.
Jamaica, land of sunshine and easy smiles.
Jamaica, land of ackee and saltfish and a good beef patty.
Jamaica, land of rich culture, with its music, art and literature.
Jamaica, land of beautiful people, of every mix imaginable, including purest
Jamaica, land of high mountains, clear waters, breathtaking views.

Land of crime, often so violent.
Land of corruption and crooked dealings.
Land of poverty and propagation of poverty.
Land of political unrest and political deceit.
Land that forces so many of us to flee its shores.
Land to which, although we flee, we remain ferociously patriotic.
Land that always draws us back.
Land that is the only place where we really, truly feel at home.
Land with so much potential for greatness, that might never be reached.
Jamaica, land we love.