Legal Wiz, can you tell me urgently which durable Power of Attorney stands?

QUESTION: Hi Legal Wiz,

I hope you can urgently give some prospective on the following…
Can a “Durable Power of Attorney” given in Florida, USA to a family member and not registered here in Jamaica supersede  a specific Power-of-Attorney (House) here in Jamaica.  The POA in Jamaica is dated before the DPOA  in the USA.  The one in the USA have the Words “I hereby revoke any Durable Power of Attorney I have previously entered into”.  The Principal ( an elderly person) giving both POA has never (and still have not) informed the person in Jamaica that this DPOA in USA exist. The agent in the USA is now flaunting the existing of that DPOA over the Jamaican head. 
Deana Guy
RESPONSE: Dear Deana,
I hope the response is not too late. Please understand that questions emailed into us are added to a queue and responded to accordingly.
This response is from Jamaican attorney-at-law Peter Townsend. If the POA in Jamaica is registered at the Island Record Office it is good to go until the one later in time arrives in Jamaica. If that last one revokes the earlier one then that one stands.
Legal Wiz