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Legal Wiz – I need to stop my estranged hubby from getting my land when I die

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I am currently married but have been separated for a lot of years. I am Jamaican and my estranged husband is American. I dont know if he is dead or alive.
I have purchased a home in Jamaica since our separation. He has never contributed to this house nor has he ever set foot in it or is aware of its existence.
I have made a will leaving the house to one of my sons. I left my estranged husband $1 Jamaican dollar. In case he suddenly decides to show up…Will my son have any problems gaining sole ownership of the property?
Marsha Grey
RESPONSE: Dear Marsha Grey,
There is not much that the attorneys-at-law are prepared to discuss in this general column as it relates to your issue. However, the suggestion is made to add your son to the title as a joint owner. For any further information, please do arrange for a personal consultation session either with an attorney within our network or an independent one.
Legal Wiz

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