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Book Review – Let’s Talk Africa and More

Book Description:

Let’s Talk Africa and More is a compilation of original essays on Africa and other topics related to issues that pervade the lives of the ordinary peoples of our planet in Africa and other parts of the world, including North America and the Caribbean.


JOSHUA SPENCER was born in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, in 1959. The first of six children, his early years were quite challenging due to the murder of his accountant father, and later, the passing of his mother, who succumbed to cancer. At approximately six years old, he was given to his grandparents, Mr. Reuben Spencer and Mrs. Mary Spencer, who raised him up to his high school years.

Then he was fostered by a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thompson. Mr. Thompson was then a member of the Jamaican Parliament, and his wife, a pharmacist. A teacher by profession, Joshua Spencer currently resides and teaches in Toronto, Canada. He is the father of three offspring: two daughters and a son. His eldest child, Kadisha Spencer, is twenty-two and a high school teacher. His second daughter, Kaliese Spencer, is a second-year university student. His son, Michael Spencer, is eight years old and attends elementary school in Toronto.

Joshua likes to write and has written numerous articles in local newspapers. He has also written many poems and is also currently working on his first book of poems, Fluctuating Life with a view to have it published in the near future. He has quite a flair with words, which not merely makes his work educational but sometimes quite entertaining.

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