Life Abroad… ‘Tory come to bump’

Sly Mongoose… you name reach abroad… (Sing wid mi nuh…cho, come again) sly mongoose y’u name gone abroad…one more time man, sly mongoose you name gone abroad… (Haw right now, stap, stap, stap, that is enough. Tenk y’u.) 

Jamaicans are the most creative and determine beings in the whole wide world ‘mi ha tell y’u’ and I write that with no fear of being wrong. I have written it with absolute conviction and without jingoism. (Weh y’u seh, y’u agree sah?  Haw-right then.)

 Yes-man’ as like many others before me, some with me, and others after me, we all arrive ‘yah’ with an illusion. An illusion, that is so strong that ‘wi radda tan yah in nah de bitta freezing cowl han wuck haad lak-ka sledge dwag’ than to give up the dream.  [In the end, most lak-ka mi, nuh hab a ting fe show fah.]

And its not like any of us did ever dash stone back ‘a wi’ or that ‘wi nuh’ throw back the hand a ‘pardna’ money ‘wi’ draw buy plane ticket, but as you know ‘puss han dog nuh have the same luck’ and shame face can’t carry go back a yard. 

The system yah-so frig-up, but we are…

Inspired and exhorted by the words of Jimmy Cliff, we foolhardily believe that of all persons ‘We can get it if we really want it’…so we just try and try, hoping that we will succeed at last. 

Canada ‘seh’ it multicultural, but riddle me this and riddle me that, guess this riddle and perhaps not, which one of the culture is predominantly highlighted out of the multi?  Canadian multiculturalism is nothing but the illusion of inclusion. (Dem ha mek the money while dutty wuck ha bus wi shut)

There is always a sneer behind them kin-teeth but

Enthralled by the duet of Mick Jagger from the ‘Rolling Stones’ and Peter Tosh, titled “Walk and don’t look back,” we just do the same. 

Moreover, the frequency of doing so brings positive effects to our minds and as such, ‘wi mek’ sure the ravages of Canada’s insidious racist premises and practices that would normally bring a man down, cannot hinder us, let alone drive us away. ‘No baba! Not at all.’

Hold on deh mek a spill mi gut

‘Y’u know seh the fus’ Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John MacDonald wife Agnes, ‘A Panish Town barn han grow’ plus them wicked ole brute did ferry off our fore parents to Halifax instead of Africa. 

In addition, Bustamante did sell out ‘wi backside;’ I beg you pardon, I mean our bauxite to Canada for only one ‘gad almighty’ red penny a ton. 

Therefore, we have as much right to be here, like it or not, just like any pointed nose, ‘stoosh,’ green, hazel or blue ‘yeye sumbady.’ Tell them ‘miseh so, if them bad ‘mek dem come collar mi… So help mi gad…blood would a run like when them butcher hagg.

This is a survival story, real Jamaican story

Despite all the setbacks and obstacles, we fulfill our duties as dual citizens, permanent residents and even as un-documented immigrants victoriously, and are successful (albeit marginal) due to our firmness and determination. 

Living abroad for donkey years have not rip to shreds our traditions, lifestyle, or values. 

Utilizing the moral codes inherited, added to our sense of purpose, craftiness, and strong spirituality, we prevail where many others fail. We have for more than over four hundred years anyway, if you get the drift. 

 We ‘smile’ even when there are things to fear and just brush off our tribulations in some ‘colorful’ Jamaican expressions (mind you) not suitable to print, and then pick up the pieces. 

To mi friends and family back a yard

Abroad ‘wi’ form various social clubs and associations, hold fund raising events of all sorts then donate the proceeds to charities, schools and hospitals back home. We religiously remit money to the Island and that ‘yu’ already know, not to mention the barrels shipped yearly. 

Trust me; we are always in tune with the daily happenings in or native land; from the latest publish letters of ‘Dear Pastor’ to the newspaper editorials.  News fly fast and nothing happens down a yard that doesn’t reach abroad. 

Life in Canada is not as easy at it seems though, but as Jamaicans, we live in fellowship with each other and have each other shoulders to lean on. One can always expect a rum cream and few mangoes from those who return from vacation and before them leave they will always squeeze something in- nah them suitcase bring ‘dung’ for you. 

The Jamaican Businesses up here have very close ties with us too. Air- Jamaica, Senvia, JNBS, Mutual Life and the Jamaica Gleaner just to mention some. These companies all combine to host free events and are there for us in our times of need. ‘Yeaman’ one hand washes the other. 

In Canada, we keep our culture alive. Every year we eagerly look forward to Oliver

Samuels and to countless Reggae Artists coming up to perform. Life here is a struggle as with anywhere else and so we just keep on keeping on. One love ‘mi breddas and sistas, May Masah Gad have mercy pon wi soul, so tek care; and y’u can drop mi a feedback so I can know if mi fi write again.

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Kharl Daley