Like I don’t know….

won’t i ever learn that he is not my salvation?
won’t i forget the pain he caused me?
i mean, really! how insignificant it all is
in the entire scheme of things
so what if we were together and i loved him
and he left me for another woman?
it isn’t you, he reassured me. it’s me.
Yeah right! Like i don’t know

like i don’t know that it’s because these lips are
too wide and these feet aren’t a seven size.
like i don’t know that this skin is too brown and
reminds him of a cardinal sin. Like i don’t know
that it’s because his babies wouldn’t be pink or
beige, but they would be cafe au lait or a hazelnut brown.

what does he take me for? a fool? must be.
but i know his game? these wide hips, these thick
lips gave birth to mother earh so he can go on with
his triflin’ ways and his tired lines.

trying to play me for a fool. trying to steal my heart
with is seductive cool….no brother man, it ain’t so.
like i don’t know…..

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