Love Is Like

Love is like the sunlight
That everyone yearns
And like all blazing fires
Eventually it burns

It’s sometimes like the spring
Zestfully tantalizing
Or like a humid summer night
Retched and despising

Love can be exciting too
Like a firework display
Or hit you like a time-bomb
Blowing you away

It can cause your heart to soar
Like kites on a breezy day
Or mourn like weeping willows
When a storm is on the way

It will take you on a hurried chase
Just like a mountain stream,
Tumbling and stumbling over yourself
Running down your dream

It may awaken happiness
You’ve never felt before
Or leave you crushed and bitter
Not wanting any more

And when you think you’ve had enough
It seeks you out again
Reminiscing all the old stuff
Just like a long lost friend

Lured by its enchantment
You run to the open door
And forgetting yesterday
You happily beg for more

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