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Luv Dem Buses

I was travelling from Negril to town I went via Lucea and mobay.I had a long wait for a minibus the local vendors kept trying to sell me their products.Finally a bus came along and there were a lot of people trying to get on,as I had a small bag and realised I would not get on so I ran to the other side of the bus opened a window threw my bag in and proceeded to climb in.The driver did not like everyone pushing to get in so decided to takeoff.However I was still only half way in and as he took off my legs were still outside,but the driver did not realise.Anyway as he stopped and got out and opened the door for the rest of the people to get on I had obtained the best seat on the bus there were a lot of people laughing including myself but others stopped trying to sell me things saying you know de runnings.Travelling by bus is the only way to travel and I could not get around any other way and what a way to meet the Jamaican people.

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Suzette V