Making History

We often view history as being alive
in books about the past
which we retrieve from dusty shelves
to learn of great events that didn’t last
of things about others, and truths about ourselves
of people who held our forebears in servitude and chains
and forebears who put us on the block
for less than thirty pieces, their souls forever stained
But on goes the tick, tick, tick of the universal clock

As we make history from the moments of our lives
let’s be conscious of our actions and be free with our good deeds
and make our homes sanctuaries where peace and love abide
In our community, with our neighbors, let’s plant the right seeds
And when our time is up and we’ve run the final race
and others read about us while sitting by lamplight
in the corner of their rooms
They’ll know our brief time here made this world a brighter place

About the author

Pauline Graham Binder