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The Accompong Maroons in Saint Elizabeth have always lived in the shadow of history. Since the signing of the Peace Treaty in 1739, these people have been the last to receive the benefits of modern technology. Bad roads kept out transports until a couple of decades ago followed by electric current some 10 years later and then finally piped in water some 5 or so years later but still not everyone in the community can avail themselves of these conveniences we consider part of our everyday lives. Now, this year, the Maroons have an opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world and perhaps even surpass it but they need your help.

Cable and Wireless of Jamaica has pledged to supply ground-based telephones and consequently, internet access before the January 6th Celebration in 2003. What this ultimately means is that no longer will the educated community professionals have to leave their home to work in the modern workplace and their children will be educated using the best technology available. This is an important watermark in their history as the continued viability of the community hinges on being able to provide work for the Maroons who wish to live in Accompong Town.

How can you help? You see the newly constructed but empty computer desks above? First, they need 4 Internet ready computers and associated software to operate them. Remember, under current legislation in Jamaica, imported computers are tax-exempt. The Maroons are also in great need of assistance in learning how to use these computers effectively. If you can help or know someone or some company that would be interested, contact Bill Evans at [email protected], as he is currently working with Colonel Peddie and the Maroon Council in this endeavor. Make a real difference in a real community. All gifts will be greatly appreciated.

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