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Mavado’s Single on DJ Khaled’s Album Hits One Million Streams on Spotify

The single “Unchanging Love” by Mavado, which is included on the new album “Grateful” from DJ Khaled, has seen more than a million streams on Spotify. This makes the track one of the fastest-growing dancehall singles on the Spotify platform. One fan called it Mavado’s best song to date in 2017. The “Grateful” album by DJ Khaled was ranked Number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for two weeks, which provided some additional exposure to the Mavado hit. DJ Khaled and Troyton Music produced the song, although Asahd Khaled is credited as the executive producer on the album. Mavado’s single was released on June 23, 2017, on Roc Nation Epic Records and We The Best Music. The song will “definitely erect the energies in your chakras,” said Mavado. He went on to say, “Give thanks for music. Only your melanin can convert sound to light and light to sound. Forever great is the youth of the gully, nah mean.”

Photo Credit – Instagram @mavadogully

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