Meet Male Fashion Geek, the Jamaican Fashion Stylist, Brand Ambassador & Influencer

Meet Male Fashion Geek the Jamaican Fashion Stylist Brand Ambassador and Influencer 8

Who says men can’t be fashionable wearing bright and bold colors? Meet Paul Fearon aka Male Fashion Geek the Jamaican Fashion Stylist, Brand Ambassador & Influencer who has his social media fans yearning to see what he wearing.  Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica Paul is the third of five siblings born to his belated parents Warren and Mavis Fearon. He attended the St. Catherine Primary and subsequently St. Jago High School in Spanish Town. He migrated to Toronto Canada in the 1990’s and eventually moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he now resides. A musician, an avid fashion and sports lover, Paul has a well-established social media presence.  He has 2 sons, Liam and Aidan.

He recently authored the book “Tailored Fate / Faith” which is inspirational and devotional in content.  Paul has also served extensively in numerous leadership capacity in churches in Jamaica, Toronto, Florida & the corporate world to a lesser extent.

Q: What inspired you to start my IG Page?
To be honest a friend of mine by the name of Keneisha encouraged me to start my fashion page a few years ago. Her direct words to me was you’re always look fly and dressing up with great style you should start an Instagram page to inspire other men and also to show your style to the world. At first I was very resistant. Next thing I know she took my phone and started to set it up by asking me what name would I give it and on the spot I thought of who I was and I came up with the name I’m a Male Fashion Geek as my style can unorthodox. That’s where it started

Q: Your Instagram blog is incredibly successful with over 14,000 fans. Has its popularity taken you by surprise?
The popularity of my IG Page has definitely taken me by surprise. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned it’s success numerically.

Meet Male Fashion Geek the Jamaican Fashion Stylist Brand Ambassador and Influencer

Q: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
I fell in love with fashion from a tender age. I grew up in church in Jamaica and you know going to church we always had to look our best. So my Dad was a very sharp dresser when it was time for church and so it started from him and my Mom always made sure we had the best outfits for church. So it started from a very early age. After leaving high school I always wanted to be a banker for that reason as I knew I would also get the chance to wear shirt and tie and look clean working in that industry. The older I get the love intensified and I started to incorporate dress codes

Q: Which designers do you love right now?
So for me, it’s never always about the big-name designers. I love unique, neat, colorful, exquisite pieces and I love details. So I wear a few brands like Morcouture, Suslo, Paisley and Grey and a few other big names.

Q: Tell us about your book Tailored Faith/Fate and what inspired you to write the book?
Tailored Faith/Fate is inspirational and devotional in content. I was inspired to write and share it with the world in the middle of Covid. As the effects of Covid was being felt globally and intensely with job losses, deaths and people were separated from love ones I felt like there was a sense of hopelessness that was permeating the world and as such I wanted to encourage the hearts of people global that it will get better. I wrote most of the pieces as I myself was going through a time of trusting and waiting for a change in my life.

Q: How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is authentic, fresh, sometimes unorthodox but clean, bold, and relatable

Q: What steps would you recommend for a man who wants to dress “more stylish”?
For a man who wants to dress more stylishly, he has to be confident, open, and be flexible enough to be different without being fearful.

Q: Give us 6 tips casual wear fashion tips for men who want to look sharp!
Here are my 6 Casual Wear Fashion Tips:
1. Have a nice clean pair of sneakers or loafer
2. Have a pair of nicely fitting jeans
3. Also have a nice polo or short sleeve shirt that can be worn with shorts, jeans or a slack
4. Have a nice watch and maybe one and 2 accessories
5. Make you have a nice smelling fragrance
6. Try to coordinate your shirt/polo with your sneakers/loafer

Q: What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more men wore?
I am usually very open to what men feel comfortable wearing, but sometimes I wish men would be less afraid to wear other colors than black, grey and dark blue.

Q: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
My greatest fashion influence is my love for clothes, colors, fabrics, and the fun of coordinating outfits. I try to be authentic and stay true to me and so I allow my creative mind to drive my fashion influence and passion

Q: Are you venturing more into modeling outside of your Instagram blog?
At this phase of my life I leave myself open to whatever opportunities comes my way as it relates to fashion. So if it’s fashion modelling, styling, consulting or anything that relates to the industry I’m flexible and open.

Q: What other men’s fashion Instagram blogs would you recommend?
There’s a IG page called Brotherhood that keeps it fresh and will shout me out in story post so I check them out or any other random interesting neat Male Fashion post I see that grabs my attention I’ll take notice.

Q: What opportunities have presented themselves since you started all this? 
I have been able to volunteer styling friends and even random persons and I have the awesome opportunity of being a Brand Ambassador for a few amazing Brands.

Q: A phrase you use far too often?
A phrase I use too often – “Fi Real”

Q: In a nutshell, your philosophy is?
My philosophy is ” What I make happen for others God will make happen for me”

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