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Jamaican Memories

I’m a born Jamaican who now reside in the USA. I’m a 27 year old female who left Kingston, Jamaican January 14, 1982.

One of my favorite Jamaican memories are “Watch Nite” celebration. To the best of my memory, since I came here at the tender age of ten, I recall going to church on New Year’s Eve and spending the night at church service. We would be there till the wee hours of the next day, which was new year’s day. We’d walk home peacefully at 1am or 2am without any harm befalling us. I remember these from age 7ish, which takes me back.

I also remember the mango days when it would be pouring rain and the mangos could be heard falling off the trees. In the morning, I rushed out to gather up as much mango as possible. Hmmmm, yummy. We had a mango tree in our yard in Kingston. Don’t remember what kind of mangos they were though.

Well, I’ve shared enough.

Marcia in NY

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