Book Review: The Misadventures of Saucy and Her Mama


Saucy’s Journey begins in Kingston, Jamaica and takes her to hustling, bustling Brooklyn, New York in the 1970’s. Share her experiences with her promiscuous, overbearing, distasteful mother, and her tentative, beautiful venture into a teenage love affair. See how faith and the power of love wins out over all as you experience the rise and fall, laughter and tears, love and hate emotions as they come at you, page after page after heart stopping page.

Carmen, affectionately called Saucy, was born to Beatrice, a child herself, in a small village in Jamaica’s hinterland. Beatrice, now called Mama by all, survives the taunts and jeers of family and friends, and migrates to the United States to find a better way for herself and her fatherless child who she has left in the care of her mother.

The story traces the misadventures of Mama and Saucy, as they embark on their journey seeking the American Dream. It allows the reader to experience the travails of a mother trying to make something of herself and her daughter, while sometimes using quite unsavory methods. The reader is allowed to experience Brooklyn, New York, in the decade of the seventies into the early eighties, the characters and their prejudices, their island habits, their hopes and their fears.


The author definitely keeps the reader wanting for more. I learned so much about migration and the affects as well as effects it has on children, especially girls. A history lesson at its best. This is a must read. I couldn’t put the book down. – Creatyve

This latest release from Dobson is destined to be a classic. He has proven, great writers only get better with time. -    Jamaica 50

I bought your book via Amazon and really enjoyed it immensely. It is now a part of my valued collection of Caribbean Literature. You are definitely the Caribbean Harold Robbins so I henceforth address you as “Sir Harold.” (smile!!!) I have highly recommended your book to my other friends who are lovers of things Caribbean, so hopefully this will translate into more purchases. Have a great year and do continue writing……… need to continue the saga of Saucy and Andre and their child in a trilogy man!!!!!

One love!!!!!! – Your Guyanese Compadre, Raoul

‘Just finished reading it. I really enjoyed it. At times poignant. At times funny. At times sad. Certainly a page turner Some of the references were unknown to me so I learnt some things. You did an excellent job. I am so proud of you. I hope you are planning a sequel.’ -  MS, Seattle.

About the Author
Legendary singer Dobby Dobson, born Highland Ralph Dobson, began singing in the early 60’s’. Though his career started in his native home, Jamaica he is now renowned worldwide. He has appeared all over the Caribbean, South, Central and North Americas, Canada and The United Kingdom. This talented performer has become famous for his stirring performances that always leave the audience begging for more and make the ladies scream with delight. Dobby’s talents knows no boundaries, in addition to singing, he is also a gifted songwriter, producer and actor.