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Bed-Time Story – Miss Lou poem

Miss Lou

The poem “Bed-Time Story ” written by Miss Lou (Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley OM, OJ, MBE) can be found in her book Aunty Roachy Seh

Ah long fi see yuh tell ah short!
Whe yuh deh all dis time?
Dah pickinni yah woan go sleep,
She waan me tell her rhyme.

Mary had a little lamb
– Miss Mattie li bwoy Joe
Go kick May slap pon har doorway –
His feet was white as snow.

An everywhere dat Mary went
– Him modder never know,
An when she ear she ongle seh –
De lamb was sure to go.

She ongle seh de bwoy too bad
An tell May nuffi bawl
– Jack an Jill went up de hill –
An dat was all an all.

May rnighta go to hospital
– To catch a pail of water;
Jack fell down an bruck him crown –
Jus like Miss Mattie daughter.

Yuh never know de baby bawn?
Him pa gi him name Marta-
Teng God him drop eento a doze
– An.lill come tumblin after.

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