New Scholar – Miss Lou poem

The poem “New Scholar” written by Miss Lou (Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley OM, OJ, MBE) can be found in her book Aunty Roachy Seh

Good mahnin, Teacher – ow is yuh?
My name is Sarah Pool.
Dis is fi-me li bwoy Michal
An me just bring him a school.

Him bawn one rainy days ma’am, it
Was comin awn to night –
Ugly baby grow pretty fi true,
For dis one was a sight.

Him bawn de week when Rufus
Jack-fruit tree did start fi bear,
Is dat same mont Oby pig dead
– But me figat de year.

We call him Mi, Mike, Mikey,
Jay, Jakey, Jacob, Jack,
But him right name is Michal Jacob
Alexander Black.

No treat him roughs yaw, Teacher;
Him is a sickly chile:
As yuh touch him hard him meck nize –
Some people seh him pwile.

Teck time wid him, yaw, Teacher –
If him rude an start fi rave
Dis beat anodder bwoy, an him
Wi frighten an behave.

For nuff time when him rude a yard
An woan hear me at all
Ah just beat de bed-poas hard, mah,
An yuh waan fi hear Jack bawl!

Now dat yuh know him lickle ways
Ah not havin no fear
Dat anyting wi mel him, so
Ah lef him in yuh care.