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Miss Lou

The poem “New Scholar” written by Miss Lou (Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley OM, OJ, MBE) can be found in her book Aunty Roachy Seh

Me goin now; come kiss me, Jim.
Sal, yuh got everyting?
Sam, shake me hang train soon move now
When dat-deh sinting ring.

Tell Puppa plenty howdy. Teck
De grip outa yuh lap.
Look after piggy good an sen
Come tell me when she drop.

Tell Fan me tenk her fi de pork,
Doah it did lickle touch.
Lick Rena pon har mout an ask
Her ‘meck she chat so much?’

Teck everyting safe, doan nyam out
De pickney-dem candy.
Kiss Lucy, and tell Vie fi name
Her cow-calf after me.

De bell a ring again, few minutes
More an oonoo gawn!
Jim, yuh mus get a drapes trousiz
Like what dah man have awn.

See de marga man what holin han
Wid de nice fat lady
– She mussa feel like she dah hole
A mirasmi baby!

De man work dung a railway yah,
Me see him all de while,
Him hitch up anywhe him see
A nice good-lookin chile.

Him drapes dah meck me laugh, but it
Dah meck him look improve,
It meck him hip look fat out, an –
Lawd oh, de train a move!
Safe drive home, teck care a yuhself!
Tell Mimi ah wi write!
Kiss Tayma. Tell John howdy, do!
Haul een yuh head, awright!

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