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Mi teeth a jook me – Country Gal A Foreign

Yuh memba when yuh did lickle a country how when sinting eena yuh eye yuh madda use to blow eena it so til she get it out. Dat deh time a so she blow a so yuh quint like a quinty-bab-bap. All mama a say:

“Open yuh yeye, pickney.”

yuh still a blink. Who did know bout eye drop, sah? One time granny did a blow eena mi breddah Frankie eye and lo an behold, har false teeth fly outta har mout right eena Frankie face. Di bway holler out yuh woulda tink seh bad cow a run him dung. I was abased. From dat day she park dem teet eena glass for dem did use to squeeze har an she go back a di dentist fi ask him fi mek dem lickle looser and him did mek dem loose. Granny she couldn badda wid dem afta dat for every time she talk a so dem a go clack-clack like a calling fowl. It gwaan an gwaan so til one day dem dis disappear. Dem gawn a top, dem gawn a bottom, nobody knows. (Me naah say nuttin, yaah for Frankie did buy me one nice-nice dolly-baby outa him chiff-club money so me wouldn talk).

Anyway, missis, me tell yuh, di odda day one pieca toothache jook me. Chile, ah see Blinkie an Peenie Wallie. Me did tink seh my toothache day dem did ova. No, sah. For me memba when toothache tek me an mama use to stuff it wid Phensic or Cafenol. Massi, ma, an stuff mi ears wid cotton so til me can get fi go see dentist. Dat deh time hear di one Frankie him a sing for a no him eena pain, yuh know:

“Mi teet oh, mi teet a jook me”.

Dat deh time me waan fling rockstone so lick him, yuh know, but me did eena too much pain, man. All who nevah feel toothache yet, missis, dem doan know pain. Anyway, as ah was saying, mi mouth feel like it nevah belong to me, man so ah went to di dentist. Me fraid a dem, yuh know for dem have some machine deh and some needle wha mek me fraid fi open mi mout, especially eena dis yah Foreign. Him say me need a root canal. Chile, wha name so? For me memba how some people from Guinep Hill did go tek out dem good-good teeth so say dem gwine put in false teet, some a dem wid gold all ova di front. Some a dem coulda nevah smile again afta dat. Some a dem was toothless fi a long time before dem coulda get dem teet put in. Some a dem no teet coulda mek fi fit dem.

Well, chile, ah tell yuh, afta dat root canal, me was pain free. Dem yah foreign dentist no easy, chile. From now on, chile, me live a dentist door for me no waan feel dem deh pain again, sah. No, chile, not eena dis yah Foreign.

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