“Once A Month” Kicks Off August 27, 2016

Luther Mack Presents “ Once A Month” an event that caters to the insatiable thirst of fun lovers who are tired of the same old same old.

“Once A Month”, kicks off on Saturday August 27,Th with a night dedicated to the music of the 90’s. Reggae songstress Nadine Sutherland and dancehall comedian Professor Nuts will be performing live. Plus dance to the greatest hits of the 90’s with C Roy The Entertainer, and Mikey Mike of WZPP

On September 24th, “Once A Month” will feature an all female lineup, including live performances by Annette Brissett, Gem Myers, Lady G, and Suzanne Sultry. Plus, DJ selections by Empress Yvette Marshall, and Pat Montague…

Each month we will bring a fun loving experience to the South Florida Caribbean audience.

“Once A Month” will be held at the Luxurious Ballroom, located at 3500 NW 15th street in Fort Lauderdale.
(A non-smoking venue)

This event was created for those of us who do not want to party every week, but craves a once a month spot that caters to that fun loving past that sometimes raises its exuberant head.