Motherhood and the Arts – Happy Emancipation Day & Independence

Motherhood and the Arts - Happy Emancipation Day and Independence 2021

Here on the banks of the ancient Nile, living an endless lockdown in a far-away land, I find myself reflecting on my beautiful homeland, Jamaica, on the anniversary of her independence. In solitude, I contemplate…
what does celebrating independence really mean to her in these unprecedented and troubled times?

Also, I ponder on her struggles, triumphs and disasters throughout her tumultuous history dating back through to our indigenous ancestors, the Tainos.

After much thought across several days, I’ve decided to salute our independence by focusing on the tradition of two timeless attributes: Motherhood and the Arts.

Motherhood and the Arts - Happy Emancipation Day and Independence 2021 - 1

I have chosen this Mother & Child sculpture by a Jamaican artist as a symbol of commemorating our independence as, I believe, it artistically captures the quintessence of these two timeless distinctions while, at the same time, adeptly captivates and charms the viewer.

This harmonious visual achievement speaks to my soul and leaves a very powerful and lasting impression on me especially in the male artist’s ability to perceive the nuanced emotions of motherhood and then to skillfully carve them ever so tenderly into this piece: the sculpture’s circular form, its smooth flowing curves, the delicate embrace, the lightly raised lips offering hints of butterfly kisses, and the mother’s open hand that gently cusps the child’s resting head.

Adding these aforementioned characteristics to the formal features of the carving which are its proportions, attention to detail and exquisite finish, certainly gives the artwork its a rightful place among Masterpieces.

This Jamaican artist’s highly skilled creation reminds me of one of my favorite painters who is the last master of the High Renaissance, Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, 1483 to 1520)—he is admired for his ease of composition and visual achievement of human ideals. Raphael’s endearing and serene depictions of the Madonna and Child are enshrined as Masterpieces of Western Art. Likewise, it is my hope that this very beautiful and engaging Jamaican sculpture along with the ideals of motherhood it portrays will be forever treasured with pride in our celebrations of Emancipendence.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Memorable Emancipation Day and Independence, 2021.

And may our Nation of “out of many one people” and our World continue to be blessed by Beautiful, Strong and Caring Mothers and a continued flourishing of the Arts.

Wi lickle but Wi Talawa🇯🇲
Walk Good🤗

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