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Moving fe da Yard next year

I go to Jamaica all the time and generally stay in the same two places. I go to Negril for the nightlife and to get some things at the market or to see a show.

I usually stay at Bobby Ash’s place (Peaceful Gardens) across the street from DA Buss. When I’m in Negril, his prices you can’t beat and he has warm running water! But my all time favorite place is in Little Bay (Past Brighton) which is up the hill from Negril Spot. I was wondering if anyone knew “Uncle Sam” or Dreadly??? These guys are great friends who I want to get a hold off but the mail is so slow!! So if anyone is planning a trip to Negril and wants to get off the beaten path, go past Negril Spot (this is towards Sav La Mar and turn up the hill and go to Little Bay or “Likkle Bay”. Ask around for Sam, Dreadly, Buku or Miss Mary who I consider my sarrogate Jamaican Grandmother.

All of these people can direct you to great private beaches with virtually no one there. Red Stripes are about 75 cents (can’t beat that!) and someone is always willing to cook you a great Jamaican dish for a few bucks. Don’t let the glances take you, it’s just this place has few visitors and they are just checking you out. Just smile and say Hi! You’ll be surprised to see a beautiful smile in return! Tell my friends Donna said hi and to write me!! I love you guys! Much Respect.

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