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My Boyfriend’s Friend With Benefits Won’t Leave Him Alone. What Should I do? – Ask a Jamaican Guy


Q:  My boyfriend had a “friend with benefits” arrangement with a co-worker that ended when we met. She has tried to break us up and tried to seduce him a few times while they were at work. Recently, we got engaged and she has ramped up her little project to get him back. She knows his family in Jamaica because he took her there once. They seem to like her more than me. She is white and I am black. It bothers me.
A:  What bothers you? The fact that your boyfriend has a “friend” that does not respect you? Or is it that your boyfriend made this friend with benefits arrangement he now regrets? Is it that you are insecure because he still works with her? Or That  is seems his parent like this white “friend” more than they like you? If he got engaged to you it seems he has made his decisi

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